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The game Super Angelo is easy to play, the controls are a lot like those of Charlie the Duck. Here is a complete description.

Super Angelo - level map


A group of islands (see the map above) is terrorized by three dragons, who took over all the castles and kidnapped the princess! The brave Angelo decides to defeat the dragons and rescue the princess.


  • All menus in the game are controlled with the arrow keys. Options can be chosen by pressing Enter or Space. Press Esc at any time to go back or quit the game.

  • Use the following keys to play the game (you can choose other keys at Configuration, Controls, Keys.

  • Toetsen Actie
    Left / Right arrow keys
    Walk faster
    Up / Down arrow keys
    Go into a pipe

  • If you have a joystick, go to Configuration, Controls to set it up. During the game, use button A to Jump, B to walk faster.
  • The following keys are also available during the game:
  • Toets Functie
    P Pause game
    F1 Help
    F2 Save game
    F3 Load game
    F4 Sound on/off
    Esc Quit game

How to play

  • Help Angelo find his way through several areas and find the exit of each level.

    This flag (at the left) indicates the end of a level. Touch the flag so it turns to the right.

           There are pipes in each level (see the image at the right). Angelo can go down (or up) into some of these to come out somewhere else!



    These blocks contain useful items. Angelo can open these blocks by bumping against them with his head.

Super Angelo - level 1


  • Angelo can collect the following items:
  • Item Description
    Collect 100 coins for an extra life.
    This shield will make Angelo invincible for a short period.
    This 1-up gives Angelo an extra life.
    By eating this strawberry, the small Angelo will grow:
    With this canon, Angelo can shoot at his enemies:

    If Angelo finds a second canon, he can walk and shoot faster:

  • If the large Angelo is hit by an enemy, he will change back into the small Angelo.
  • Angelo loses a life when he is hit by an enemy while he is small, when he falls off the screen or when the time is up.

The status line

    The status line at the bottom of the screen shows the following information (from left to right):

    • Number of lives
    • Time left
    • Number of coins
    • Total score

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