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The new version 3.20 corrects a problem with fullscreen mode on Windows 8 / 10.

The Expansion Pack for Charlie II with 18 new levels is available now! These levels are based apon the original levels (same style and music), but offer complete new areas to explore. You can collect over 4000 coins and diamonds!

The expansion pack costs $15 (USD) and can only be used if you already purchased the original levels.

Here you can see screenshots of the new levels.


After the great success of Charlie the Duck, Wiering Software has now created a sequel: Charlie II! This game combines the beautiful animation and playability of the original version with a complete new set of huge levels to explore!

Charlie II - Title screen

Collect all the diamonds and coins you can find and watch out for dangerous creatures. Jump on top of enemies to defeat them. Charlie can swim and even dive down into the water to find hidden areas!

The shareware version contains six playable levels (of which two are hidden). This is one third of the entire game.

Charlie II running in a window

You can play the game in a (resizable) window or in full screen mode. Just press Alt+Enter to switch. The game requires Windows 95 or above and DirectX 6.0. But there is also a DOS version for older computers, see Download.

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