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Here are some answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). Some questions are about a specific level, the numbering of the levels is shown below. If you have a question about a certain level, use these numbers.


The bold numbers are normal levels, the italic ones are hidden levels (indicated with the question marks on the selection screen).

NEW: Wiering Software has opened a group at Yahoo, so that you can look at answers to questions that other people have asked before. See the Wiering Software Games Group. Before posting your question, please take a look at older messages to see if the answer is already there!

  • Help, I can only find ...% of the coins/diamonds in level ... and now I can't continue! Where are the others?

  • Sorry, you have to find those yourself. Try going down into every pool of water you can find, try walking into walls, maybe even jumping into the deep... You might want to change the difficulty to easy if you haven't already, then you only have to collect less coins/diamonds.

  • I think there is one coin/diamond/letter missing in level ... Could that be a bug?

  • No way! All levels can be completed for 100% so keep searching.

  • If I register, will I get a map of all the secret places, hidden items and exits hidden in all the levels?

  • No. What would be the point of playing a game if you had such a map? Everyone would probably walk through the whole game once, get 100% for each level and about the same high score.

  • Does the game work in Windows XP?

  • It should run, but you may experience some problems. The keyboard handler in Windows XP's DOS emulation is very bad, which makes the game sometimes react slowly to the controls. Scrolling may not be smooth and the status line can be mispositioned or even invisible. A solution is to install the game on a bootable (DOS / Win 9x/Me) floppy disk and run it from there.

  • How can I ever beat this monster (see image below) and where is the exit?

  • You have to defeat it to exit that level, jump on it (several times)!

  • Where is the secret exit in level ...? I've been searching for months and I'm completely frustrated...

  • OK, because so many people keep asking, here are some hints:

    • Level 1: You must be able to find this one on your own!
    • Level 4: Just before the end, go back and jump into a tree.
    • Level 7: Drive one of the clouds to a different direction for a change!
    • Level 10: Send the cloud to the right at the correct height. It's really possible!.
    • Level 13: The green switch is somewhere close to the exit.
    • Level 16: Don't follow some of the blue direction signs.

    If you are really frustrated, you could try asking a question at the forum, maybe someone else knows the solution and can help you there. Or simply read the messages that are already there.

  • Where are the remaining coins and diamonds in level 16 (registered version)?

  • Ok, because so many people ask this, maybe it is a little too hard to find. You have to activate a moving platform (below you, slowly moving to the right) at the point shown below. From there, right away start walking (not running) to the right (and don't jump too high) and next to the check point, fall down onto the moving platform.

  • I purchased a code, but it's wrong!!!

  • Make sure you type everything exactly as shown (your name on the first line, then Enter, and then your code). A "0" in your code is the number 0 (zero) and not the letter o. If you are sure you typed everything correctly and the game still says 'Invalid name or code', send an e-mail to Wiering Software with the exact name and code you are trying to enter.

  • I registered, but I still can't play the levels with the question marks!

  • Registering the game makes all three rows of levels playable (instead of only the top row). To play a hidden level (with a question mark), you must find the hidden exit in the level before.

  • The game runs very slowly on my computer, what can I do about that?

  • If you are running Windows, shut down all other active applications. In the OPTIONS menu turn the background off and during the game, press "-" (numeric keypad) for a smaller screen.

  • Can I have a free registration code for Charlie II, please?

  • No, sorry. Wiering Software simply cannot work for over a year on a game and then just give it away for free.

  • I registered Charlie the Duck, why doesn't my code work for Charlie II as well?

  • Charlie II is a complete new game and has it's own registration system.

  • If I register now, will I have to register again for the Windows version?

  • No, the codes for both versions are the same.

  • Are there any cheats?

  • No.

  • How do I install the game on a DOS computer?

  • The installation program requires Windows to run, so here is a .ZIP file with the contents: ch2dos.zip (just unzip this file in a new directory and run CHARLIE2.EXE to start the game).

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