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This page gives a short description of how to play Charlie the Duck, how the controls work and what the different items are for.

Charlie the Duck - Level 1

How to play

  • The complete game consists of three worlds, each with three levels (areas). At the end of each world, there is an additional level, in which Charlie must fight against a large enemy (boss levels). In order to pass a level, Charlie must reach the end of it alive and within the given time. r de volgende level.

    Charlie can beat most of his enemies by jumping on top of them, but enemies with sharp pins will hurt him.
    Only when Charlie has the schield, he can beat any kind of enemy by touching it.   


    To complete a level, find this sign and touch it so that it starts turning around.
    At the middle of each level there is a Check Point. This is the place where Charlie may restart the level if he loses a life, provided that he has touched the sign.   

The status line

    The status line at the bottom of the screen shows the following information (from left to right):

    • Number of lives
    • Time left
    • Health
    • Number of coins
    • Number of diamonds
    • Total score


  • All menus in the game are controlled with the arrow keys. Options can be chosen by pressing Enter or Space. Press Esc at any time to go back or quit the game.

  • Use the following keys to play the game (you can choose other keys at Configuration, Controls, Keys.

  • Toetsen Action
    Left / Right arrow keys

    Walk faster
    Down arrow key

    To make a high jump, start walking first (without Ctrl down) and press Alt and hold it down during the jump.

    Diving only works in some special places. Charlie will come out of the water somewhere else. This way, you can find hidden areas!

    Hidden area in level 1

  • If you have a joystick, go to Configuration, Controls to set it up. During the game, use button A to Jump, B to walk faster.
  • The following keys are also available during the game:
  • Key Function
    P Pause game
    F1 Help
    F2 Save game
    F3 Load game
    F4 Sound on/off
    F10 / Esc Quit game


  • The yellow crates contain useful items. Charlie can open these crates by jumping on top of them.
  • Item Description
    Collect 100 of these coins for an extra life.
    Collect diamonds to increase your score.
    This heart will increase Charlie’s health.
    The egg gives Charlie an extra life.
    This shield will make Charlie invincible for a short period of time.
    This Super Heart will enable Charlie to keep three hearts instead of two. A Super Heart is hidden in every level (except in the boss levels). Find them all!

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