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Here are some answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

NEW: Wiering Software has opened a group at Yahoo, so that you can look at answers to questions that other people have asked before. See the Wiering Software Games Group. You can ask a question by sending it to: wieringsoftware@yahoogroups.com.

  • Can I get a free Steam key?
  • If you purchased a registration code for Charlie the Duck in the past, you can get a free key. Please send an e-mail showing that you bought the game.

  • Help, I can't download! Please explain step by step!
  • First, you need to have a PC with Windows 95/98/Me/2000/XP (not NT).

    Go to the Download page follow and click the download link. At the dialog that comes up, choose 'Open', which should start the installation as soon as the download is complete (you can also first save it to disk and start it from there).

    In the installation program follow the instructions on the screen. After installation, you can start the game with the 'Charlie the Duck' icon on your desktop.

  • How do you beat the big fish?
  • Run HELPME for a demo. If that doesn't work run CHARLIE -H. If that doesn't work either... forget the demo. What you have to do is jump on the fish's head five times.

    Watch video   New!

  • I received my registration code, how do I enter it in the game?
  • When you start up Charlie the Duck, first you see a black (DOS) screen. At that point press the F2 key and then you can enter your registration data. You can also use the HELPME program to register.

  • Why don't I get sound?
  • Charlie the Duck supports MPU401, Adlib and PC-speaker sound. If you have trouble getting the sound to work, try the the HELPME program.

  • Where is the exit in level 10 (registered version, pyramid level)?
  • You have to find it yourself! But use the red switches to move the pillars and clear the entrance to other areas.

  • Can I have the source code?
  • No, but if you are interested in how to progam a game, look here.

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