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Answers to FAQ

On this page, you can find answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). If you have a question, please look here before sending mail.

If your question is about a particular game, please look at that game's FAQ: Super Worms, Charlie the Duck, Sint Nicolaas, Super Angelo, Charlie II.

NEW: Wiering Software has opened a group at Yahoo, so that you can look at answers to questions that other people have asked before. See the Wiering Software Games Group. You can ask a question by sending it to: wieringsoftware@yahoogroups.com.


  • Help! My computer crashed and I lost my registration code. Do I have to buy a new one?
    No, just contact Wiering Software via e-mail, include your name and the address and the e-mail address you used for your original purchase.

  • How do you make games? I want to make one too.
    Here is some information about that: Creating games

  • Where can I find more games/programs by Wiering Software?
    You should be able to find most of the games by Wiering Software on this site or on the Wiering Software Games Development Blog. Besides, here are some free DOS utilities. Wiering Software is also working on a large drawing program (for game designers): Tile Studio. And here you can find websites by Mike Wiering.

  • Can I have a free registration code?

  • I've sent ... e-mails to Wiering Software, why don't I get an reply?
    You have probably not setup your e-mail program correctly (like incorrect "From" and "Reply-To" addresses). It's also possible that your provider and Wiering Software's provider don't want to exchange e-mail. Try it again from a different e-mail address.

Download & installation:

  • How do I download a file?
    Click on the name of the file you want to download. Your web browser should help you save this file to your disk or open it right away.

  • I've downloaded the ZIP file, what now?
    ZIP files contain compressed data. You will need a program like winzip to extract the game from the ZIP file.

  • I just can't get these games to run on my PC. Are there any other solutions?
    Yes, you can emulate them using DOSBox: emulating old DOS games.

Making screen shots:

  • Whenever I make screen dumps of a game, the image is messed up with horizontal lines. What can I do to get good images?
    Use this program (110 Kb) to correct such a bitmap. Set the line width to 360.

For more information on how to contact Wiering Software, see contact info.

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