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Super Worms $12.50
Super Worms is a great 3D racing game for 1 or 2 players. Includes 15 racing tracks (for Practice, Match and Knock-Out and Grand-Prix) and 6 battle fields.

Charlie the Duck $7.50
Charlie the Duck (Charlie I) is a classic platform game. Includes 3 complete worlds, with 4 exiting levels each.

Charlie II $15.00
Charlie II is the sequel to Charlie the Duck. Includes 18 huge beautifully animated levels to explore with lots of secret areas and hidden items.

Charlie II Expansion Pack $15.00
This expansion pack adds 18 brand new levels to Charlie II (see screenshots). IMPORTANT: Requires the registered version of Charlie II.

Olaf & Elmar $19.95
Olaf & Elmar in the Castles of Nabokos is a puzzle game about pushing blocks (like Sokoban) featuring cartoon characters.

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