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SINT NICOLAAS (Saint Nicholas)


Here you can read the complete story about the Sint Nicolaas game, so you know how to play. The controls are also explained. If you want to see a demonstration, just start the game and wait without pressing any keys.

Sint Nicolaas - Level 1


Sint Nicolaas has been robbed! The thieves have taken his big sack full of presents and gingerbread cookies. In their run, however, the they aren't careful and presents start dropping out of the sack. Now Sint only has to collect the fallen gingerbread and presents and bring them to the right chimney.

Presents are in four colors: red, blue, green and purple. All chimneys have a mark indicating the correct color. There is also a number written on every chimney, that is the number of gingerbread cookies that still have to be dropped.

Sint Nicolaas - Level 2

Sint can carry as many presents behind him as he can find. However, he can only drop the first one into the chimney. So he must visit the chimneys in the same order as the colors of the presents he gathers.

All the presents must be brought to the right homes in this same night. Sint must be ready before dawn. The time Sint has left to complete the level is displayed on the statusline at the bottom of the screen. When only one minute is left, the sky will start getting lighter. If two minutes or more are left at the end of a level, Sint has time to play a bonus level!

Sint's quest over the roofs is dangerous: the old Sint will not survive a fall from such a roof. Sometimes it can be very slippy. Sint also has to be careful not to touch the sharp edges of TV antennes. There are even dangerous birds that attack him and even try to steal presents or gingerbread. Sint can make these birds fall down by jumping on top of them, but that wouldn't be very kind towards the birds. So every time Sint jumps on a bird, he loses 500 points. If he manages to complete a level without injuring any bird at all, he receives 10,000 extra points.

At the right-bottom of the screen, a number of hearts are displayed. This indicates how often Sint can hurt himself before losing a life. He can earn extra lives by eating four chocolate letters S, I, N and T or by collecting 100 gingerbread cookies in a bonus level.

Sint Nicolaas - Bonus level


  • All menus in the game are controlled with the arrow keys. Options can be chosen by pressing Enter or Space. Press Esc at any time to go back or quit the game.

  • Use the following keys to play the game (you can choose other keys at Configuration, Controls, Keys.

  • Toetsen Action
    Left / Right arrow keys
    Walk faster

  • If you have a joystick, go to Configuration, Controls to set it up. During the game, use button A to Jump, B to walk faster.
  • The following keys are also available during the game:
  • Key Function
    P Pause game
    F1 Help
    F2 Save game
    F3 Load game
    F4 Sound on/off
    F10 / Esc Quit game

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