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This page describes how to play Super Worms. Of course, the best way to learn the game is by trying it yourself, but reading this page will help you know how the controls work and what the items are for.


Super Worms has the following options, which can be chosen from the main menu:
  • Grand Prix: Race against the AI controlled computer opponents on five different tracks (five laps each). You may not be the last to finish any of the tracks, or you will have to try again.
  • Practice: Practice racing on a track and try to set new time records.
  • Match: Race for two players on any track (five laps).
  • Knock-Out: Combination of Match and Battle game, win by either being the first to reach the finish or by hitting your opponent using the available items (only available in the registered version).
  • Battle Game: Fight between two players: use the items to hit your opponent three times to win.

Super Worms - Practice


  • All menus are controlled by the arrow keys on the keyboard. To select an option, press Enter or Space. To go back or exit the game, press Esc at any time.
  • If you have any joysticks, go to Options, Controls to set them up.
  • Use the following keys to control your worm:
  • Action Player 1 Player 2
    Left arrow key
    Right arrow key
    Up arrow key
    Down arrow key
    Use item

  • The following keys are also available during the game:
  • Key Action
    P Pause game
    F2 Change ground detail level
    F3 Change camera view of bottom screen (one player Grand Prix only)
    F4 Sound on/off
    F5/F6 Music volume up/down
    F7/F8 Sound FX volume up/down
    F9 Turn VSync on/off (this might make movement smoother on some systems)
    Shift-Esc Give up and try the same track again (Grand Prix only)
    Esc Quit game


  • Whenever you drive through a white balloon, you receive one of the following items:
  • Item Function
    Place this bomb on the ground behind you to slow down other players.
    Put this mini trampoline in front of you so you can make a jump.
    Touch this speed block to go faster.
    This red bottle will make you invincible for some time. You can stop others by bumping into them.
    The blue bottle makes you invisible for other players.
    Throw these purple balls to stop other players, they bounce back from walls.
    This orange ball will follow the player in front of you, but cannot bounce against walls.
    additional items in the registered version:
    Put this balloon somewhere on the track so you can get new items from it.
    Put this sticky green mat on the ground behind you to slow down other players.
    This bouncing bomb will start moving slowly towards the player in front of you when close enough.

    Get a lost segment back by putting it down and touching it (Knock Out and Battle Game only).

    Super Worms - Battle Game

  • The item you can use is displayed at the bottom left corner of your screen (see the image).

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