Free DOS utilities by Mike Wiering

Here you can find some DOS utilities written by Mike Wiering, all FREEWARE.

Name Description
(all)  (149 Kb)All these utilities in one single .zip file
ASCII  (5 Kb)TSR (pop-up) ASCII character table (Ctrl+Alt+A)   ASCII documentation
BATCHCOM  (67 Kb)Compiles .BAT files into .COM programs, supports many additional commands for program flow, variables, etc.   BATCHCOM documentation
BEAT  (8 Kb)Small metronome program for DOS   BEAT documentation
BEEPOFF  (3 Kb)TSR program to prevent ^G beep sounds   BEEPOFF documentation
CHARS  (3 Kb)Shows the number of occurences of all 256 characters in a file   CHARS documentation
CLIP  (6 Kb)Dump the contents of the Windows clipboard on the screen or insert a text file into the clipboard   CLIP documentation
EDMEM  (5 Kb)View, save and even edit the PC's memory in realtime   EDMEM documentation
FV  (17 Kb)File Viewer for analyzing binary files (search for patterns, images, coded text, etc.)   FV documentation
HISTO  (7 Kb)Shows a histogram of the 256 ASCII characters in a file   HISTO documentation
INDIR  (6 Kb)Run any DOS command in another directory and then return to where you were (for example: indir d:\mario tpc mario)   INDIR documentation
INPUT  (4 Kb)Input environment variables from DOS batch files   INPUT documentation
LAST  (9 Kb)Scan your harddisk to find the most recently modified files matching a wildcard   LAST documentation
SWAPNAME  (3 Kb)Swap the names of two files   SWAPNAME documentation
TAB  (9 Kb)Replace spaces by tabs or tabs by spaces in text files   TAB documentation
TODAY  (5 Kb)Easily set the date and time on old PC's that don't have an internal clock (or have one that isn't Y2K compatible). Just move to the next day on a calendar!   TODAY documentation
TXT2COM  (16 Kb)Converts .TXT files to .COM programs that display the text. Includes several commands so you can make entire programs! Example included   TXT2COM documentation
XCD  (7 Kb)Replacement for the CHDIR or CD command in DOS, this works with wildcards too! (for example: xcd c:\pr*\mi*\of* instead of cd c:\"program files"\microsoft\office)   XCD documentation

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