BATCHCOM version 1.2
                           (C) Copyright 1992-2002
                      by Mike Wiering, Wiering Software


   BATCHCOM is a Batch Compiler. It compiles DOS batch files (.BAT) into
   programs (.COM). In addition to the normal DOS commands, BATCHCOM supports
   many extra commands for program flow, variables and screen handling.
   BATCHCOM was designed to work with DOS 3.30, so some newer command options
   (found in DOS 5 or 6 and Windows NT, etc.) are not supported. However,
   with the extra commands, BATCHCOM is like a complete programming language.
   See the examples (with extension .BC) included with this distribution or
   run BATCHCOM /L to see a list of all supported commands.


   This program is FREEWARE! Please see the file LICENSE.TXT for more


    BATCHCOM [filename[.bat]] [options]


       /M     -  include error messages
       /S     -  use fast CRT screen procedures
       /O     -  overwrite existing files without asking
       /E n   -  environment size (default: 8192 bytes)
       /L     -  list all commands

    After compiling a program, you can usually compress it with the included
    program TINY to make it even smaller. You can also convert it to a .EXE
    program and then use LZEXE or something else. For larger programs, it is
    usually best to use UPX (, which works for both .COM
    and .EXE programs.
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