Mario game for the PC with complete source code!
Written by Mike Wiering, 1994
Source code
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Here you can download Mario. Because many people have trouble unpacking ZIP files, you can simply download the executable (save this file to disk and then run it):

You don't need anything else and it doesn't have to be installed, you can simply run it. However, if you want to be able to use a joystick, also download MARIOJOY.BAT, save it at the same location as MARIO.EXE, and use this to start the game (for advanced users: instead, you can run the command mario -j to enable joystick).

During the game, you can walk with [Left] and [Right] and jump with [Alt] . Hold [Ctrl] down to run faster and jump further. Fire with [Space] (you can use [Up] or [Down] to aim while firing). Press [Down] at the end of a level to go down into the pipe. Finally, to quit the game, press [Esc] .

If you already have this game but you found it somewhere else, make sure you get the version from this page. Chances are that you have a hacked version (which is incomplete).

You can know if you do have the correct version if the fourth level looks like this (see the image at the right).

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