Mario game for the PC with complete source code!
Written by Mike Wiering, 1994
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This is a Super Mario Bros. clone with six levels, written in Turbo Pacal. I wrote this game to practice VGA programming. My goal was to create a PC game with parallax scrolling layers, that would run smoothly on my 486 computer (25 MHz). I didn't plan to release this Mario game, instead use the engine to make other (more original) games.

However, an old beta version of this Mario game (with only four levels, unfinished) somehow ended up being spread around. I was quite surprised to find someone selling disks with my Mario clone (well, at least the screen shot was unmistakably from my game) at a computer fair years later! Of course I bought a disk to see what was on it.

It turned out to be a modified version of my game. In fact someone had actually changed it into shareware, modified the executable, added documentation and even a registration form, asking $15!

This hacked beta version (with no exit in the fourth level) spread all over the world. In fact, you are still likely to find it on shareware CD-ROMS and on several websites. Eventually, I decided to release my version with the complete source code.

Eventhough this is a DOS game from 1994, many people still enjoy playing it. I recently found a picture of Tiger Woods playing my Mario game during an interview on television: Tiger Woods playing Mario.

At this site you can download the game and the complete source code, on which a few of my other games were based. Have fun!